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It's soon time for the annual Christmas race night, the new digital track is long from being ready, the port on the racing-computer doesn't work after the Win7 upgrade, so I was thinking about this:

Run the old analog track the Scorpius way. Cars chipped, and run wireless. No lane changing, one car in each of the 2 lanes. No pit lane.

Lapcounting and timing:
Using one Lane Brain (LB) for timing and lapcounting should be ok. One LED for each lane, might even trow in two for each lane for bidirectional.

Since there are no pit area, refueling has to happen while the car is in it's designated lane. Using Ultimate Racer software on the analog track (the old way), refueling is performed by stopping the car over a photoresistor (LED) at a designated spot. For Scorpius, I guess the same can be achieved by using one LB to mark the pit entry, and one additional LB to mark the pit exit. Cars will have to stop (no throttle) between these two entry/exit points to refuel.

It may even be possible to enforce stop/go penalties.

Will this work, or is it not so straight forward as I think?

Will be a Scorpius Light experience, until the new track is ready. All depending on the RMS being available within the next week or so, of course;-)

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