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Hi Guys,
This topic will handle the hundreds of questions I can see coming with the release.

Ok first note.

The first orders come with a CD with 5 programs:

1)Dongle Install CPX-210
Just run it.

2)LB (Lane Brain)

3)Scorpius (car decoder)
Outdated already. Do not use. If you do if will freeze the car decoder and it will need to reflashed back here in Oz. Erase file and download new file (Email me at [email protected] for latest version)

An update was done half way through controller assembly. The latest file has drivers name on home page of screen. Email me for the latest throttle file if you dont have. Ok to use existing program, no hurry on this one.

If I email you it will be in a compressed file. If you do not know how to unzip a file heres the basics, but you will need to learn how to save, unzip etc. Firstly save the file anywhere you want, I use "Documents". Once saved go to Documents and right click on file. Click "extract". It will now ask you where to unzip it to. I use "desktop" as its quick to use. Select 'desktop' and click ok, ok.

Always delete or write over old Scorpius files, wether zipped or unzipped. Otherwise when the system goes searching it will cause confusion which will result in an issue.

5)User Manual

The file I sent was copied from a shortcut on my desktop. I forgot "shortcuts" work but cant be copied. Once again email me at [email protected]

The Installation Manual is being upgraded and will be available in a few days.

The website will have the "Downloads" page up and running by mid next week.

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