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Scorpius Race Essex UK

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Hi Guys.
As the heading says Ill be in UK 4th and 5th Feb to showcase the system, have a few races and answer any questions you may have.

We will be runiing NSR Moslers, Corvettes and Porsches!

I will announce times soon. Many thanks to the owner Graeme Thoburn.

If you havent been to GT Raceways its a well laid out, smooth 6 lane Ninco competition track, well worth checking out.

GT Raceway website

Analogue racing.

Scorpius racing at GT Raceway Feb 2009. Video by Rikorocket

GT Raceway
Unit 3,
Nashlea Farm,
United Kingdom
Phone: 01702 551225
E-mail: [email protected]

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Hi Guys,
Forgot to mention I will be showing the new wireless analogue receiver for use of the Scorpius controller on analogue tracks.
Any questions poost here or PM me.

It's not that far from my home town, only a ferry boat and a short drive in between. I would have loved to come, for all to shake hands Rick :)
But sadly my loaded agenda prohibits a pleasant Scorpius excursion, i'll have to pass this golden opportunity...

Have a load of fun and i'll bet it will be a grand weekend!


p.s. any plans to have a stop at the Nürnberg toy fair?
Would liked to have seen this but we have a meeting at our place that W,end.
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QUOTE (Merc_A @ 28 Jan 2012, 09:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Any plans to have a stop at the Nürnberg toy fair?

Hi Merc,
Yes Ill be in Nurnberg from Feb 1st to 3rd for a few meetings, then to UK for a couple days.

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