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Scorpius Race Management System

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Hi Guys,
Ok heres your chance. What functions/features would you like to see on the new Scorpius RMS?
For me I only need practice mode, timed races, lap times, best lap time, driver set up, fuel, tyres, ability to dump results to spread sheet and a few other bits and pieces.
The most important thing I think is the ability to use intuitively as much as possible.

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It would be nice to display the gap (in seconds and/laps) to leader and the car in front of you. Section timing, pace car function, standing and running start (behind pace car). Add laps if lapcount is missed. Stop and go penalty (time to be adjusted), drive through penalty....

Not sure if this is RMS, but ghost car/cars.
I would like to see a fuel management system that would allow for maximum set-up flexibility, as real life fuel consumption rates could prove very tedious in a 24 hr. slot car race, where even our non-magnet hardbody cars can make almost 6000 scale miles. It might be interesting to tie fuel consumption to engine size, either actual or scale: So an NC-1 would get better mpg than an NC-2, and have to pit less frequently. Also, a quick stop for just a splash of fuel should be possible.

FOR LAP COUNTING: Most important is a screen where drivers can see AT A GLANCE their race position, such as the analog systems whereby the lane colors rotate in vertical bands, showing instantly that, say, Orange leads, with Green in 2nd. place, You are Red in 3rd. and Blue is behind you etc. Colors won't work with 20 cars though, Hmmm... is that Magenta or Puce behind me?
I would like the ability to have a Saturday night of NASCAR racing. With Qualifying, Trophy dash, Heat races with maybe two feature races semi feature and main feature. Also points sytem for the season.
Yes, keeping track of season points would be cool too. 'em coming.
Ill draw up a wish list as we go.
It's all good above and some of it could be in Version 2?

Main points are
- Ease of Use - for new or infrequent users
- - Sensible Defaults for 'Out of the Box" instant gratification

- Advanced Sections for those that want to customise
- - Ability to save multiple configurations to hard disk (back ups and quick changes from one type of race to another)
- - Built in tips or help

- Modular Design of Program
- - Ease of Adding future components / ideas / features
- - Maintaining reliability of use
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I agree on all of the above stated and would like to add the following:

Possibility to store different cars and drivers and associate them with chips / channels and controllers.
(By the way: do the chips have an ID, independent of the channel?)

Allow to define multiple assignments, but only one active assignment per chip / channel and controller.
The active assignment should then be used for automated car and driver recognition.

Possibility to store different tracks with:
- name
- length
- jpeg-image
- ...

Program should startup with latest used settings, to be able to go on without having to change anything.

Ability to define training groups / race groups (randomized or manually)

"One-Button" practice mode:
Press just one button to start practice.
Set-up is done automatically
- driver recognition
- car recognition
- lap timing, best lap,...

"Two-Button" race mode:
- Use default values from last race (duration, track)
- Press Button to identify cars and drivers
- Cars and driver pass start line in the required sequence
- Press Button to Start race with identified cars and drivers.
(Can be done with qualifiying also)

Configurable display.

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sector times

specific pit stall auto pit

custom throttle curves

ghost cars that use sector timing and recorded lap for better times
I forgot:

Support for external Hardware, Example:
Phidgets easy to use USB I/O-Boards ( )
- several digital Inputs and Outputs (up to 16)
- to control starting lights
- Panic (Chaos)-Buttons

All good so far but I think we shouldnt lose sight of the KISS theory.

It would be nice to have the ability to do "pace" laps (especially for oval racing) for running starts. When the marshall decides the field looks good, press a key and next pass of the S/F starts the race.
QUOTE (ryk4racing @ 3 May 2011, 06:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It would be nice to have the ability to do "pace" laps (especially for oval racing) for running starts. When the marshall decides the field looks good, press a key and next pass of the S/F starts the race.
how about the computer controls the cars for the first lap then when you cross start finish you get control?
Must say I agree with GTR Xu1. By trying to be all things to all people you run the real chance of being nothing to nobody!

KISS principle
With all the requested features and the varying needs of so many different race types, it would be nice to make the "main" in-race screen modular, in that you can arrange what features you want in different regions (boxes, windows) and exclude those you don't want. You could also have multiple screens that could be displayed during different parts of the race (before, during, yellow/red flag, end of race)
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