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I forgot:

Support for external Hardware, Example:
Phidgets easy to use USB I/O-Boards ( )
- several digital Inputs and Outputs (up to 16)
- to control starting lights
- Panic (Chaos)-Buttons


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Hello Rick,

Phidgets ist just a example.
A starting light like Formula 1 need 7 digital outputs:
5 for red
1 for yellow
1 for green

1 digital input for a chaos-button. Maybe chaos-button per keyboard from racecontrol.
- Is 7 digital Outputs for a starting light like formula 1 possible with 1 lane brain? I think i need 2 lane brains.
- how can i program these lane brains to use as a start light?
- How can Scorpius recognize jumpstarts? Software (the new racing management) or additional led's and a additional lane brain?

1 - 3 of 665 Posts
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