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Scorpius Race Management System

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Hi Guys,
Ok heres your chance. What functions/features would you like to see on the new Scorpius RMS?
For me I only need practice mode, timed races, lap times, best lap time, driver set up, fuel, tyres, ability to dump results to spread sheet and a few other bits and pieces.
The most important thing I think is the ability to use intuitively as much as possible.

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Drag and drop is inefficient. It's great to have it, but not when it's the only way to add drivers/cars/whatever to one list from another. It would be better, especially for big races, to be able to select multiple people/cars and drag the group, to be able to use the keyboard to tab or arrow down/up to a driver and hit enter to add them one at a time, or even to have a "select all" option to add the entire list to the next race.
If you have anti collision enabled, then random lane changing is the way to go. If you already know the path the ghost will take, it will be much too easy to make a pass.
Also, for constant speed and random changing, the cars should be set up to complete the lap in as close a time as possible. Scorpius allows much finer speed control than stock SSD chips do, and so two cars could easily be tuned to pretty much the same speed. As such, the rear ending would be almost non existent. Plus, with random lane changing, one would pull into the other lane sooner or later.
This is not to say that a constant speed car is any competition for a real racer. Nor is a recorded lap, no matter how good. The pace car will always need to be better than the driven car, because the human driver will always be better than the computer.
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This thread has been quite what?

Quite quiet?

Hehe, sorry, I couldn't resist. Just messing with you a little.
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I don't mean to be jumping to conclusions, but if the RMS cannot override car control, does that mean it is not possible to have fuel load simulation, and other events, alter the performance of the cars?
GREAT idea!
Will people need to put a local IP address into their smartphone browser, like You mentioned bluetooth, so I'm thinking it's not like wifi networking.
Also, will the PC need a bluetooth dongle (if it's not a laptop that has it built in)?
ok, that makes sense. So, on your mobile device, you'll put in (or whatever) to view the "web page" served up by Scorpius RMS. Are you then using some kind of javascipt or flash or something to make the device speak the updates to the user? That seems like the most universally accessible way to do it, but I'm just guessing.
I was gonna say, I hope you're not expecting the end user to be writing their own HTML and JS for this interface. I realize you supplied the API, but I assumed you would also supply basic, or even template HTML and JS for the proposed functionality.
I understand. It's the starting point that most people need, so thanks for providing that.
I believe he just wants the penalty assigned to people who speed. This would coincide nicely with previous plans to add a speed limit feature to the controller which requires the press of a button to limit the car to a certain throttle percentage for yellow flags and pit lane speed limits.
Every Lane Brain is a detection point. Based on Diegu's plan before the actual build started, there were 4 lane changers (2 double and 2 single), plus a s/f line, would make that 5 detection points on his circuit. If you count the pit entrance, you might get 6. I guess it also depends on which lane a car is in, since the two single lane changers won't be effective for both lanes... or will they? If they're set up for anti-collision or bi-directional, they might. I think as long as there is a beacon for the car to detect and report back to the software, it will work as a detection point, but I'm not sure. I believe this requires a dedicated (second) USB dongle, as well.

I'd love to see an updated plan, when you are able.

It's really cool that the Smart Cars presented a vial competitive option for you. I'm curious, though, if the cars used as smart cars were better in some way than the one you were controlling? It did look like you were pushing to maintain your lead or not fall too far behind, but if they're recordings of your own driving, surely it wouldn't have been so hard to keep up unless those cars were better in some way? Cleaner/grippier tires, motor has more rpm or torque, better weight distribution, or something? If they're equal as far as you know, have you done the same thing but with driving one of the other cars?

Never mind, I just watched the video again, and noticed how you were gaining on them over several laps, and only "fell behind" when the camera changed points of view, probably starting a new race or session or something, and then gaining back up on the yellow and blue cars. Still, they were definitely great competition, requiring a high level of consistency when racing hard to catch up and pass them.

I'd love to have a go on a Scorpius layout with Smart Cars running, as real competition from a "ghost car" is easily one of the most sought after features for both analog and digital racers.
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Yep. I get it. And that's the challenge... to maintain the consistency that the computer can, while also going fast enough to catch up and pass.

SSD has had recorded lap ghost/pace cars for a while (first with SSDC, then with RCS64 as well), but without the multiple calibration points that make it truly viable for more than a few laps. It will be nice when the Locator Pro product is not only available, but integrated into the race management systems for SSD, so that we can have this level of ghost car accuracy as well.
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