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I would like to see a fuel management system that would allow for maximum set-up flexibility, as real life fuel consumption rates could prove very tedious in a 24 hr. slot car race, where even our non-magnet hardbody cars can make almost 6000 scale miles. It might be interesting to tie fuel consumption to engine size, either actual or scale: So an NC-1 would get better mpg than an NC-2, and have to pit less frequently. Also, a quick stop for just a splash of fuel should be possible.

FOR LAP COUNTING: Most important is a screen where drivers can see AT A GLANCE their race position, such as the analog systems whereby the lane colors rotate in vertical bands, showing instantly that, say, Orange leads, with Green in 2nd. place, You are Red in 3rd. and Blue is behind you etc. Colors won't work with 20 cars though, Hmmm... is that Magenta or Puce behind me?
1 - 1 of 665 Posts
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