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Scorpius Race Management System

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Hi Guys,
Ok heres your chance. What functions/features would you like to see on the new Scorpius RMS?
For me I only need practice mode, timed races, lap times, best lap time, driver set up, fuel, tyres, ability to dump results to spread sheet and a few other bits and pieces.
The most important thing I think is the ability to use intuitively as much as possible.

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Hi Rick as Dave said Keep it simple for now and adjust and amend as things go along unless you have a programmer chained to his pc in the room above your slot room.Be careful not to have so many attributes that it becomes hell to configure on the other hand if you add all the possible requests in but also have a section where you can select race weekend and you get practice session then an interval then qualy then an interval then race this is some thing i have set up with pc lap counter but using a seperate program to run pc lapcounter with all the extra little bit fancy bits i want .
maybe have the contols you have like in pcllapcounter so another program can control rms

cheers Glen
It would be good to allow for break wear and aslo tire wear, have a % you select before race which would decrease brake as race goes on if you use them , but tyre wear would affect throttle respone out of corners and such, need that two way comms for this though.
Nice work Rick software looking top notch, I knocked up a 1/15scale car today with scorpius chip and controller it is wow!! blinkin smooth.
Re software development request would it be allowing for remote control of the system its a feature in pc lapcounter that is very useful .
I use it to control the race start and finish with my own program i have written which puts all the atmosphere into the race
and race room with track map intro formation lap and f18 flyby yes i have an f18 that fly across the track, countdown lights then it starts the race in beteween races it has a visible countdown on all screens till next race while playing some race room music. Mainly was used with webcam to start stop pause the race/track call ect, if the software allows i can rewrite my program/or if code is available? not a huge dramma just a ?. I beleive i could run both systems with on off switches, keep the 1/32 scale on scaly and the 1/15th on scorpius.


Yes before anyone says it , apparently i have to much spare time on my hands!
1 - 4 of 665 Posts
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