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Scorpius Race Management System

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Hi Guys,
Ok heres your chance. What functions/features would you like to see on the new Scorpius RMS?
For me I only need practice mode, timed races, lap times, best lap time, driver set up, fuel, tyres, ability to dump results to spread sheet and a few other bits and pieces.
The most important thing I think is the ability to use intuitively as much as possible.

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How will your RMS manage pitlane entry/exit in combination with LBs involved : start/stop LB which will have one LED at some place in the pitlane and "pitlane" LB which should ideally take care of entry with one LED and also be able to take care of pitlane exit thanks to another LED ?

1) Can we install what we could call a "pitlane LB" (maybe a specific number to be defined for special configuration later) as defined above ?

2) Where should the pitlane start/stop LED ideally be placed on the pitlane : at the beginning, in the middle, at the end ? If the last option is the one, it could perhaps be possible to think about configuring a specific LED on the start/stop LB to act at the same time as pitlane exit and lap counting in the pitlane but this would mean that your lap would only be counted when exiting the pitlane. I don't know which one would be easier for you in terms of configuration and software.

Waiting for your precious infos,


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What's the version of this new RMS release ?
Is it already available for download ?


QUOTE (Race Coordinator @ 23 Apr 2013, 03:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Exciting news. Well, maybe I'm the only one excited, but still... I just updated RC, RCD, and the SRMS with full live web update support. I also posted the current state of the live web update HTML/JS code to my download section. This means anybody that wants to can now make their RC run races available to any device with a web browser.

A very long (17 minute) video can be seen here. It's shaky because I'm using a hand held camera and I get long winded, but I wanted to show off the mobile devices. The video shows the live web updates on a PC browser, iPad, and an iPod Touch (which is smaller than today's smart phones).

Long Winded Demo

To use live web updates you need the latest version of the RC, RCD, SRMS software and you need HTML/JS files. Our very complete sample can be pulled down from the download section of my website. The readme contains all the information you need to both write your own HTML/JS as well as how to enable live web updates for your users. Please consult the readme and if there are any questions afterwords don't hesitate to ask.

To illustrate how big a feature this is, you could actually write your own RMS on top of this technology. I don't think you'd want to, but you absolutely could. Anyway, at least for techies, I don't think it's possible to have a cooler feature in an RMS .

I need to thank Sy, Slingshot, and Dieter once again for all the hard work they put into those. With out those guys this feature doesn't happen, at least it doesn't come out nearly as good as it is.


PS: The demo is shown using my analog software, however, SRMS users will see the familiar black/green/orange color scheme they're use to.

Hi Dave,

I can't find anything in Scorpius RMS about Live Web Support in the README and how to install it. What should I download and where ?


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I've seen this but it is a bunch of html and JS files.
No Readme.
What should I do with them ? Drop the html folder in the RMS folder ?
And then, how to access ?


OK found out.
html folder in data folder
enable web server in RMS options
point your browser to the RMS PC IP address.

Great :)

Try to stop the firewall for a minute on your Scorpius RMS PC, than try again. So, you're sure that the firewall is not the problem.
Don't forget also to put the 8080 port after the IP address. If your Scorpius RMS PC has address =>

Good luck


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