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Cars are essentially the bane of my existence. 5+ years ago I threw a placeholder set of car support in thinking it would expand into something bigger and more interesting. Well it never did. To be honest if I had my way I'd completely pull car support out of RC until I came up with a feature set/design for them that makes sense.

As it is, all you can do with them is display the image a driver is using. If you check the "display images" box for the race in the Expert Track Setup (ui tab) that will tell RC to use the raceday files that have images in them. What I don't know is if they'll display the car images or not...

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Hello Dave and Rick,

Well the driver and car image is quite handy - when spectators follow the race they like to know who is driving which car. They can see the driver-car combination on screen and that is convenient and informative.

What I did is as follows:


First I added car profiles of all the cars the racers can select.
Car profile is car name + a small image of the car. I took identical pictures of all my cars and added them as avatars to the Scorpius images data folder.
Circled you see the "type" description ("Mega-G") which is the field I cannot change as I described earlier. This I'd like to change as well obviously, but don't know how.


Then in the race day screen, I drag and drop drivers and cars - when you drag a car image to the driver, you get the driver + car combination as shown.


In the expert race setup, under UI menu tab, I checked the "show images" box so images will be displayed.


When I start the race, this is what is shown on screen.
Driver image (not really necessary), driver name with controller ID, and on the far right the image of the car the driver is using.
That last image is very handy for spectators, I have seen them looking at both the track and the screen and yelling things like "ahhh Brigitte is in the white Audi!"
"Bridge (her nickname), you need to refuel this lap!"
"Ohh it's Bridge and Duco going neck to neck!"
Adds to the entertainment :)

So I like the images, maybe Dave can make the "car type" description box configurable in future versions - or leave that type description out, it's not necessary.
No rush, things work well this way, I was mainly curious if I was missing a check box or so.

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