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Hi Guys,

For those who like the idea of routed but simply dont have the time.....
Scorpius Routed Track Systems. Either fully assembled modules or do it yourself modular track pieces you glue down to existing table for Scorpius Digital, Analogue or Hybrid systems. You could also adapt SSD electronics into this system.

Wether you race analogue and wish to keep your own controllers, race analogue and use Scorpius wireless controllers together with the Wireless Analogue Modules, go full Scorpius digital or adapt SSD or other electronics the options are flexible.

Specifications for a complete track system:

Lane centres: 77.5 or 100mm
Material: MDF
Thickness 9mm or 12mm
Bridge supports: Optional
Borders: Included.
Braid: Included in kit to be installed by owner
Braid size: For 77.5 centres track system 3/16". For 100mm centres track system 1/4"
Analogue driver stations: Optional
Wireless Analogue Modules 50A: Optional
Painted: Optional
Paint types available: Ferrodor or Enamel
Paint colours: Dark grey, Light Grey
Braid: Included. To be installed by user.
3M double sided tape: Included
Flipper Assemblies: Included assembled ready to install.
Lane Brains: Included. Wiring cnnection by user.
Quick Release Lane Brain plug set up.: Optional
Controllers: Optional
Dongle: Optional
Car decoders:Optional
Scorpius RMS: Optional
Chipped NSR cars: Optional
Power supplies: Optional

Our first track offering....Aurora Raceway. Choice of best line digital or standard analogue design.

Designed to fit on 1 and one half sheets of 8 x 4 ' ply or completed table 12' x 4 ' or metric 4000 x 1200mm

Track centres for Aurora: 77.5 mm 1/32 home systems.

Or build your own track design using the following......

Double pit left or right.

Heres a few samples.

Lane Changers available in 400,600,800,1000 or 1200 lengths. Single (left or right)or double.

2 or 3 lane esses in standard track form or lane changers included. Left or right.

Typical cross sectional view, 9mm MDF with 6.5 mm deep slot ready for braid.

Track list 100 mm centres:

Straights 1 lane :
50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200.

Straights 2 lane :
50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200.

Straights 3 lane:
50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200.

Curves 1 lane: All numbers represent radius.
Available in 15,30 and 45 degree

Curves 2 lane:
Available in 15,30 and 45 degree

Curves 3 lane:
Available in 15,30 and 45 degree

Esses 2 lane:
With lane changers
Without lane changers.
Left or right

Esses 3 lane:
With lane changers
Without lane changers.
Left or right

Pit entries:

Pit exits:

Pits single:

Pits Double:

Start Finish Lines:
To suit Scorpius.
With deadstrips to suit analogue.

All the same track shapes will be offered for 77.5 mm centre track system.

Im currently getting a local CNC routing company to machine up our first Aurora track system and will shoot video and lots of pics during the construction process.

Prices: To be announced.

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