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Hi Guys,
Heres the Scorpius car and track telemetry program. No wires. Use existing controller as is and PC. Additional components are not required.

In the pic below you can see:
1)Car throttle PWM
2)Braking PWM
3)Car ID
4)Last lane changer ID crossed and elapsed time since.
5)Which lane it was in at each lane changer.
6)Wether or not a lane change was requested.

Data is updated 10 times per second.

Up to 24 cars data can be received simulateously.

Heres a pic.

Such data is currently used for some of the Scorpius functions, example fuel, and will be used for more functions at a later date, eg brake pad wear.

Does the average slot car user need telemetry? Probably not but its there if required

The data can be put into a graphical form and we may write a program for this at a later date.

The data will be used for future functions like recording races and playback, automatic track call, (the system knows which car came off where by comparing throttle data to car data, if the throttle is detected but not the car the system knows the car has deslotted, and which sector). The telemetry will also be used for calibrating real speed ghost cars, operating a automatic safety car, operating a "smart" ghost car that can think for itself regarding lane changing, sector timing and more.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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