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Yesterday 馃槉

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Hi Guys.
Just a little video on progress.
The track is primarily Scorpius but can be used for analogue too. A lot of extra wiring was put in to keep power seperate on each lane.
Not only will the new Generation II chip will run on Analogue, Scorpius, SSD, Carrera, Ninco, SCX and Oxigen. Thats referred to as a multi protocol car decoder. 7 different track scenarios.

The track will be used to test all the above brands so it will be Multi Protocol track.

I will use the lane changers at the end of the main straight to add Carrera, SSD, Ninco and Oxigen lane change electronics. This s the fasted section of track so it makes sense to convert this set of lane changers to Multi Protocol.

Ninco you ask? Well we have all the work done already on the existing chip. It will cost almost zero to add it.

Ive just dug our my trusty 30V/ 30A regulated lab quality power supply to install tomorrow.

After that I need some barriers urgently to stop those precious cars hitting the concrete floor. The rest is aesthetics, some nice pit lane paint design, garages, grandstands, landscaping, advertising, lighting, monitors, better garage lighting, back drop scenery etc.

The track needs rubbering in. For this Ill use a Scorpius record/playback Smart Car, one for each lane. That should save some time.
Voltage drop is 0.1V over 33 metres if track, not bad. In any case I plan to add a second power supply at the 16.5 m mark in parallel for an even more robust supply.


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You state "elevation is very important in a track", can you elaborate please???

Just wondering....



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Hi Gerson
Thankyou very much for your kind words, much appreciated.

Hi Shad,
Elevation as in changing the height of the track to make it look and feel more realistic. One track with huge elevation that comes to mind is Bathurst, although I wont be going that far.
Average height of track off ground is 850mm.
Some places with be 1000mm and others just 700mm. This gives a 300mm difference.
The supports I made can vary up and down around 150. Ill take some more pics as the track progresses.

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