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A good read Scott and I didn`t even mind you using that picture of me on a skateboard either!

In a nut shell ( not a turtle half shell) I think the comparison with digital relies on two factors, quality and cost. Digital is not equivalent to that long list of disasters as it is a change of system and or technique rather than an accessory,like world sport. The cost of digital will be a major factor as for years a Scalextric set has been perceived as great value but the cost of digital requires a bigger investment. Interesting too that in some cases the wheel has come full circle as here we go again with trucks and bikes. Better second time around? That has to be a yes,so far,so good. The Fly trucks have gone down well and the bikes,we`ll have to see.

JonnyS (ex Turtle and slot Jockey!)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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