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"Scotty we need more power"

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The big question for me is will the power supply included with the Sport Digital sets handle 4 cars with Falcon/TSRF or Slot.It motors? Will we return to the days of cars flying off when another de-slots?
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QUOTE No. Its digital!!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!

not so - digital will not mean that the cars get enough current. The chip will try to pass enough, but if its not there, the car will not go so fast. If another car deslots, and there is more current available, it will deslot. So power surges ARE possible with digital - imho.

However, it is also not the case that you can just up the current indefinately. If 6 cars with falcon motors are trying to draw 4 amps each - thats 24 amps - then it could fry some chips or circuitry in the control station, depending on design and the rating of the components chosen. Similarly, 4 amps through the decoder chip may destroy it...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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