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"Scotty we need more power"

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The big question for me is will the power supply included with the Sport Digital sets handle 4 cars with Falcon/TSRF or Slot.It motors? Will we return to the days of cars flying off when another de-slots?
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I agree you can use any power supply you want as long as it meets the same requirements the controller station wants. However I don't think using a 25amp 12vdc will work any better that the standard 12vdc @ 2.5amps that Scaley ships with their Digital sets. Forgive me if I got the specs on the Scaley Power Supply wrong.
The circuitry that outputs the DCC will have its own current (amps) limit and it is that section of the controller that would need upgrading in order to handle the extra current draw of a 16D motor. This also assumes the decoder board on the car can handle the current draw of the motor. I'm sure any train guys watching the digital revolution in slot cars are sitting back saying "been there done that and have the scars to prove it"!
Are the digital trains components build in such a way as to let you upgrade or mod sections for better performance?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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