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"Scotty we need more power"

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The big question for me is will the power supply included with the Sport Digital sets handle 4 cars with Falcon/TSRF or Slot.It motors? Will we return to the days of cars flying off when another de-slots?
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It's an ampacity chain : power supply, control station, contact rails, decoder

The power supply is up to you

Control station/decoder : SCX is limited to the stock motor (in Spain, they immediately fried a decoder with a 25k motor) - I would guess the same applies to Scalextric and Carrera - logically, Ninco should provide something more for their NC5/NC6

Contact rails (continuity) : SCX seems OK with the redesigned connectors, Ninco have a good reputation in this respect, I read that Scalextric and Carrera have problems on longer tracks and require power taps/jumpers

Higher ampacity aftermarket electronic packages will no doubt become available in the future (I'm told hardware is not a problem) - I just do not see anything above 25k as being compatible with MCPL racing, the allowable number of cars is more of interest
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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