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I'm using the SCP-01 with a Scalextric C7042 powerbase.

When I start racing the controller behaves normally. However, quite frequently, whilst doing fast practice laps on a small oval circuit, the controller sometimes automatically moves the braking point from zero up to roughly half way on the trigger scale and it remains there (with the green light on) until I release the trigger completely, then it goes back to normal.

I can't recreate it when I try, but it seems to happen after about a minute and when the trigger has been just moving in the top half of the scale ie 50% to 100% without ever coming back to rest (zero point). It happens in all the knob, CV switch and dip switch positions.

The only thing I've changed was to loosen the trigger pivot screw a little as the trigger became stiff and jammed on at full speed position. Also the spring makes some noise.

So, I presume this automatic temporary recalibration is not normal - is it a fault or should I try to reset/reprogram the controller?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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