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Alan Paterson
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Hi Chris,
Excellent report. From what you say, it does sound like the software is a "Hybrid" from an analogue system (Light bridge option etc). Strange that the creators haven't done the language changeover yet.. This could be a slight negative on their behalf..

While I'm awaiting the results of eBay auctions etc, can I just ask you, the Guide Keels on these cars, I can see they are very proprietary to Carrera, and completely different naturally to the other Manufacturers systems, but can i ask is there any form of "left or right" guided movement on the car? In other words, do the cars change lanes because of the keel, or becaise of the track?

I'm trying to find out why their guide Keel's are so long and large in size?? My intentions will be to build the Lane Changing system into some of my own scratch built cars, and other brands, but I'd like to know what to expect prior to this please Chris? Do you have any reference to images of a Carrera Car with the body off, showing the Internal details?

Many thanks, and keep up the informative posts..



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The guide keel has NOTHING to do with lane changes.

Standard slot cars have been converted to Pro-X using a standard guide flag.

The long pro-x keel is used for the lapcounting holes AND to operate the sliding magnet. So when the car drifts out to the side, the magnet stays above the rails. This works VERY well and even though it is differnt from standard slot cars, it is a defiinte enhancement. Before the floating magnet, if a slot car drifts to the side, the magnet is no longer over the rail so the car lets go. With the sliding magnet the cars have the grip of magnet cars but drive like non-magnet cars. Its nice.

This is not needed for lane changing.

If you convert a standard car to pro-x you will need to drill holes in the guide flag for lapcounting.
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