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Being an unabashed scumbag from the Socialist Republic Of Wearside I like nothing better than having a root about in the neighbours bins, skips & also the local council tip for slot stuff.
I found this tinplate Scaley Ferrari up the tip last week. Body is straight with some surface rust in places. Surprisingly the motor runs very strongly.
It`s got bags of character so will be left as is. It would have been a real shame to let it die.
Driver is a BTS repro.

I found this Jouef Ferrari on the tip just before Christmas. It`s in the really rare chrome top/black base livery.


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The Socialist Republic of Wearside has a higher class of bin than leafy West Sussex. All that's to be found around here is recycled organic ****e. The good stuff is taken by the bin men and sold back to the tree huggers as "fair trade recycled organic carbon offset multicultural energy saving drought resistant vegetarian gold".

Come to think of it, you have a higher class of scumbag too. Ours don't bother nicking anything worth less than £300.

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nah! we,ve got the classiests scumbags in cornwall. the charity shops, they charge more for items that you can buy cheaper new. even the local tip is a no go area, once in nothing comes out even if you offer beer tokens. john

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hi Kev
very nice finds,i feel i can now say what i have found down the tip in a box a few years back..

Classic grandstand with handrails
classic control tower complete
6 blocks of the seated spectators
straw bails
half tyres
old style white fencing
pack of pit cards
dunlop bridge(made in england)
green trackside wedges.

All now in the loft...
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