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For the race at Reims, July 4th, 1954, Scuderia Ferrari send a team of three cars:
#2 Ferrari 553 - Froilán Gonzáléz
#4 Ferrari 625 - Maurice Trintignant
#6 Ferrari 553 - Mike Hawthorn

Obviously these cars were traditional Italian red, but what about the thin coloured band on the nose cones?

On all photos from this famous race these bands are clearly visible, but unfortunately all known to me are B/W photos.

A little help is that on all photos the band on the #2 car seems to be the brightest, so my best guess would be Gonzáléz = yellow (backed up by a die cast model found on the internet), Trintignant = blue (for France) and Hawthorn = green (for Britain).

Can anyone confirm this theory?

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