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QUOTE (Ian J @ 12 Jun 2011, 18:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>To quote Tore below

"Hi guys.

As the organizer of this series I need to make a decision. I have not been able to follow up on the series as much as I'd like lately, or as much as I feel is demanded by the entrants/hosts. The main reason is an increased workload, travel, other demands from the family and to be honest a bit of lack of interest due to the situation.

I know I will be extremely busy the next two weeks, and then I'll be more or less unavailable the following two weeks strolling around on a Greek island. In short I'll be more or less occupied until mid July, and at the same time the series is behind schedule and needs to be re-organized if we are to complete the remaining events.

So far we have completed 8 events and the 9th is being run now and will be posted next weekend as a replacement event for the lost French event.

The remaining events are in Spain, Italy, Denmark and Norway, and to be honest I am a bit concerned about the cars safety while shipping to/from Spain and especially Italy. Not trying to offend anyone (Graham), but I see lot's of eBay sellers that refuse to ship to Italy and that makes me wonder how safe the postal system is down there. We almost lost our cars in shipping in the last season, and I really don't feel comfortable anymore being the one who get blamed if $3000 worth of slotcars should go missing.

The question is how do we finish off this series? To be honest I would prefer to end the series premature as I don't feel I have the time or power to re-organize and follow it up properly. But I also feel that some of you are really looking forward to some of the remaining tracks, so if someone wants to step up and help me re-organize and follow up events, I think we can manage to pull off at least a couple more events.

If nobody steps up, I will instruct the cars to be shipped to me and I'll run the final event in Norway the 15th-17th July.

Tore "


I have not spoken to Malcolm or indeed anyone else yet.
We have the cars currently and are ideally based within the uk to use them to either,run them on other track variants to gain another round or, as other clubs are nearby we can travel and organise an event(s) within 1.5 hours from our place to fill the gaps

Let me or Malcolm know your thoughts Tore and anyone within the UK who could take a days pleasure out of holding a rally event


Ian J

If there are concerns about the Italian Postal Service then I would, based on all the other issues surrounding Tore's decision, be happy to dip out of the series. I do wonder whether it's any worse than the UK postal service actually. I would suggest that next year the cars are couriered over or brought over personally by someone like Dave Capelen. If I lost my car in the post then that would be sad, but not the end of the day. It's a risky business sending a box of cars round the world.

I really hope things can be sorted for next year. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the series as it progresses and was really looking forward to my contribution.

I fully intend to enter a team of LPV cars, one for each class, next year.
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