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Hi all or should I say Bonjour!!!

Welcome to the next installment of the SCX World Proxy rally event.
We have picked up the gauntlet at the last moment to run a UK 3 round replacing the cancelled French round
I hear some of the entrants lower down saying "Oh no not another pasting by the Fiats well there may be a few surprises.

We have some more stages tucked away in the corners of our club ready for use plus our shall we say main race track to open up the cars down some long straights with fast corners

So without further delay and waffle from me, lets get on with the track guides this week.


Stage 1

Le Airfield 15 laps of twists and turns

Not a bad course for any car but the sharp turns (at the far end on photo) need some mastering, with either deslots or guide snagging the problems if you are to slow

10 second laps If you are lucky!!

Stage 2

Le Quarry another small compact course with surface changes you need to be nimble,

fast, good at cornering with quick acceleration. 5 second laps here!!!

Stage 3

Le International White lane Smooth long straights banked corners with some tight fast turns good balance required again 10 second laps
12 laps on this one

A shot taken at the last SCX Proxy of the International (Zero 5 John in green shirt Jexy in the White shirt)

Once again our expierenced club members will supply the trigger fingers, and each will drive all the cars on the same stage they are nominated to run

For those who missed the shake down comments from the last round here they are again:-

We cleaned the braids,tyres etc and three of us inspected the cars last night and gave them a test shakedown run on a non event track

The findings were limited to six words max if required


mini 177 Stable drives well
Stratos 26 Poor braking effect
renault 8TS 101 Good All round
Stratos 05 jumps around under acceleration
Alpine 01 Good and stable
131 04 Poor braking effect rolls on
124 07 good and stable
5 turbo 15 good and stable
escort 10 tips very easy on corners
alpine 14 corners poorly
Sunbeam 16 good speed everywhere
sierra 18 very smooth, but tips
escort 50 lacks straight line speed
131 52 fast all round
131 55 stable but brakes to one side
sunbeam 56 lacks speed
131 61 smoooooooth
131 102 handles poor in tight corner
citroen DS 195 corners well for big narrow car
131 20 good speed brakes to one side
gto 03 unstable but quick
celica 11 bumps and jumps
959 09 smoot and steady
celica 11 bumps and jumps around, brakes awkwardly
037 17 brakes to one side
S4 19 nice in corners
037 28 smooth
RS200 66 also smooth
959 99 corners well hops under acceleration
gto 103 handling is nice
037 305 brakes to one side

These are the opinions of a couple of our younger members and may not be of use to gauge the event as we have differing types of circuit to be used, but they did test them on the International circuit but not the stage lane!!

Should be interesting and very different from last time, I can assure you! watch this space.

Bon apetite (or something like that)

Ian J

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Hi Ben and rest of you.

Yes we got it run another great night

Our guys are rallied out now

Sorry for the delay we have an external event on this weekend and it has been difficult to get stuff collated and uploaded etc.


At This Fren... sorry UK round 3

You may thinks that the same crew in the same club may have roughly the same result!!!!!

Well would you be wrong, lets see!!!!

Again 3 drivers per stage all driving each car as a split time 3 splits added together gives you the stage time.

First stage Airfield

Car 5 ready for the off

The longer and wider cars suffered on this stage as there are tight bends with tyre walls guarding the inside of the bends so the art is to swing the back end out which proved easier on some cars.

Car 26 on the start lights

The mini really got to grips with this stage getting amongst the same class cars.

He is my good self with the Mini.

Matt Woolley with Malcolm Scotto (other Drivers) looking on with a Fiat 131 in full flight

A liitle too much of Matt we really didn't want to see, but as we did you must!!!!!!

Malcolm noting a time down.

All the cars got through here safely

Stage 2 Quarry

The three guys looking after this one are Bill Charters (in the driving seat)Left , Dave Wibbly Young (Centre) and Lee Andrews (Right) Club champion

Our Ferrari in full flight, well almost!!!!!

Other guys warming up for the next stage in the background.

all the cars apart from one got through here clean (with offs of course) the Mini had the guide screw fall out and as such the guide assembly fell apart
We found all the bits, guide ,screw, spring, brass screw insert inside car and pieced it all back together under race conditions hence the stage time when you see it.

Stage 3 International.

Now this year we have left the track as we race it normally.
So 35m 110Ft of fast straights with high speed corners benefitting the nice handling faster models.

Mini back in working order ready for the next stage, nick Huxley in the seat.

Nick driving, Rob Wallader timing, Paul Leyshon day dreaming (nothing to do for this one) Reek's Ferrari going well

Big Problems on this Stage for graham Lane's Fiat Spyder grinding to a halt with a couple of circuits remaining, when checked out the burning fishy smell of and expired motor met us!!! it was definately dead
Forced cooled for a while it just about moved along the straights,
External help pushed it around to finish. (see the time).

The guys who did this rally are:-

(L to R) Malcolm Sotto, Bill Charter, Matt Woolley and Nick Huxley.

(L to R) Rob Wallader, Me , Wibbly, Lee and Paul Griffiths (who created the spreadsheet) and Paul Leyshon Not pictured,

So thanks to all the help from our club and to all you guys for supplying the machinery for us to enjoy

Graham your Fiat is now re motored and ready to go again, Malcolm will contact you direct about cost etc.

all the cars have been boxed and are ready for the next address.

Here is the final spreadsheet

Class 1 winners

1st Kidvoltage Lancia 26
2nd Wolves renault 8 TS 101
3rd Anthony Stratos 5

Class 2 winners

1st Zero 5 Fiat 131 205
2nd Ontheflipside 131 52
3rd Wolves 131 102

in fact all the Fiats were top six!!!

Class 3 Winners

1st 356speedster Lancia 037 28
2nd Gazza Porsche 959 9
3rd Zero 5 Lancia 037 305

Overall Winners

1st 356speedster Lancia 037 28
2nd Gazza Porsche 959 9
3rd Zero 5 Lancia 037 305

Well done to all the podium places

In summary the long straights allowed the more powerful class 3 cars to stretch their legs and the overall leaderboard shows this.
class 2 Fiat 131's dominated.
Class 3 Stratos Renault battle continues.

Tore's has sent me a note that, it looks like we will continue with this to the end so when we get the details the cars will be sent.


Ian J

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Another great round from the Wolves Rally team. Im sure you have had enough of these little cars for now, two weekends in a row is a lot to ask so thanks.

Glad to hear the proxy is still continuing.

Im not complaining but thats the 3rd time ive missed out on the overall top 3 by less than 1/4 of a second!!

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Thanks guy's

Great of you to step up at short notice and run it, at least the cars were there, so that helped

Glad the green machine went well, should have done more laps in Le Quarry .... it Le liked it

It looked like you guy's have a soft spot for the Fiat 131 .... first 6 places in class 2

Sorry about that Ben ..... but i think they're a wake up to the fact that your an Aussie not a Pom

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Gazza if you could put a link on the SCXWW forum for this I would appreciate it thanks

Cheers Gazza for Posting the overall i was just in the process of doing the same

See mine below

According to the SCX sheet toted up to ropund 6 ,356 Speedster car 28 had 177 points prior to the UK rounds so now it should read 279
and graham Lane car7 had 70 points and should read 90

You already picked up that the UK 1 round had incorrect totals !!!!

So I think as a check the one below is correct, but I also would like to be checked!!!!! and stand corrected if wrong

Our Round(s) thread on the SCX forum has been called Quote "These events are becoming more like closely guarded secrets." by The KID, no secrets just don't have the money to join this year

John Schoen last time forwarded the posts from this event on to the SCX thread
Highlander has put a link on and thanks to him. At the end of round 8 I did state the new round 9 thread would start soon so maybe it was just over looked!

But as we did not have much time to advertise it (due to schedule postage delays) not knowing when the cars would arrive we could not do it in any other way.
Plus Tore's problems outside the event haven't helped, but we can see it through

Sorry for any confusion or pain

Ian J

Its a great event and long may it continue

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Ya'll are doing a great job, no disrespect meant. But when this started it was the SCX Classic Rally Proxy - oh, it still is - and the info usually went through there first. But we're rally men and therefore entirely flexible. You post it, we'll come fine it.

Although a few more pictures of the #26 car would be nice. ;-)

In the early days of the Rally Du Quebec the English language speakers were given some cheat sheets of phrases they could use to talk to the locals. My favorite translated to this:

"No I do not know where I am going but if I don't leave now I'm going to be late!"

Rally On!

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No offence taken Kid just be mindful that all sorts of people read our ramblings and we don't want them to stir stuff up
Been there tried to shut 'em up
"one teddy out of pram" as we brits say
Didn't have time for to many photo's shame really the postage issue really screwed our evemt presentaion up!! maybe next time
See ya

ian J
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