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QUOTE (Screwneck @ 2 Aug 2012, 03:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am genuinely surprised!

The SlotIt adaptors do a good job, but nobody makes Mabuchi motors with rotor arms long enough to engage the axle gear in a secure and satisfactory manner. The only way you can do this is to sleeve the rear axle to keep the axle gear engaged with the pinion.

Big pantomime shout? Oh yes they do
The magic number is 10mm the picture below shows from the top an old coversion motor (V12/2b), SCX motor , and a "modern" round cornered motor all have a shaft at least 10mm. I surmise that is why they stopped the V12/2b-29 or SIMN03 motor because now they all will fit.

I just measured a Scaleauto SC-0020 and it is also 10mm from the can to the end of the shaft.

I do not have any NSR motors to measure But as Race-Jan says they may also be 10mm

As a antithesis a Rush 36K will not work without axle shims as it IS to short at least on the can end.

Don't have to measure but Typhoon motors may work as may H&R Cobra.

If it helps? The metal part of a FC-130 can is 20mm so if you can find a square on picture of an FC-130 you like you can simply scale off the shaft length. FK-130 is 25mm but they won't simply drop into the adapter.

Then again these examples may not made by Mabuchi, but by Sun? My hypothesis uses Mabuchi as a generic name for FC-130!
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