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SCX Citroen Xsara Pro Rally

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I have just brought a couple of these as I could not resist at £20 each.

Does anyone know:

1. What rating the motor is, I might just be blind but I can't see it.
2. Can the lexan body be swapped for a standard SCX body (i.e. are the post in the correct place)
3. Where the nearest club to Slough is that would run a RAID track suitable for these as they look fantastic.

I did have a few other questions but my brain is completely dead, I will ask these when it decides to wake up.


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See my post on the other thread where you mentioned buying these, not sure what the motor is rated at, but it's a bit lacking in low down power, they handle beautifully though, really nice predictable car, but unfortunately from a SlotRallyGB point of view it's in the same class as the Avant Slots and MSCs when it's pushed to stay with a Ninco Focus - doesn't mean it isn't a very good car though.
You could fit a long can motor using MSC or Team Slot adapters, then it would be rwd, not that this would make any difference to the handling of mine as I've set it up so the front wheels are off the track.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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