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SCX Citroen Xsara Pro Rally

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I have just brought a couple of these as I could not resist at £20 each.

Does anyone know:

1. What rating the motor is, I might just be blind but I can't see it.
2. Can the lexan body be swapped for a standard SCX body (i.e. are the post in the correct place)
3. Where the nearest club to Slough is that would run a RAID track suitable for these as they look fantastic.

I did have a few other questions but my brain is completely dead, I will ask these when it decides to wake up.


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the motor should be 19,100 rpm. no, it won't hold up against 23k motors, but they're too much for most rally anyway. there are a couple floating around my circle & they always do well @ my rallies. my rally tracks are tight & twisty w/ lots of different tracks surfaces & elevations.
there's a Cartrix dual shaft motor out there that is an FK-180(boxer) & has plenty of power
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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