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This event is ran mainly by slotforum members that contribute regularly in this section so I want to have a report of the this series here in the rally section.

The 6th round is now under way and it is on my African tracks. The Moroccan track and the East Africa Safari rally track. There are going to be 2 stages (it should have been 3 or even 4 but the series got delayed and ended up on my door in a very busy time of the year).

The 1st stage already happened and the 2nd stage will happen tomorrow with the results being posted Friday.

First stage, Rallye du Maroc:

Here are the results of the first stage.

The 3 overall best:

1-Rallyp Toyota Celica (very suspicious)
2-BenM Toyota Celica (Lazarus)
3-Gazza Porsche 959 (very good car)

The 3 best from class 1:

1-Wolves Renault 8 (a lot of fun to drive this car)
2-Kidvoltage Lancia Stratos (The stratos had trouble on this track)
3-356Speedster Mini Cooper (first time running a Mini, it was great on the straights)

The 3 best from class 2:

1-OTFS Fiat 131 (very good car)
2-DeviousDave Renault Alpine (very smooth, a jewel)
3-Yngwien Fiat 131 (a strong car)

The 3 best from class 3:

The same as the first list.

Now the unprofessional way to post the results:


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Wow!!! Love the tail action as the car goes up the 'mountain'!

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Aha! So that's what the whole track looks like. Really nice!

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I thought the first track was amazing - the 2nd one is out of this world!!! Can't wait to see the video of the cars on the 2nd track.

All the dust on the track, is that for real???

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Graham, If I am not mistaken you are the driver inside the car.

Thanks guys for the kind comments.

The stage is ran, I will post the full results later today, but I reveal now the winner of the stage.

Even though the winner drove fantastically trough the Savannah and mountains of Kenya, there was a moment when the navigator got lost and he had to ask
the locals for directions to Mombassa.


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Thanks, Jon. Hope you can join the race next year.

I am dragging the suspense. I will divulge the first 10 and the first 3 of each class. The full list with times will appear tomorrow (I am gathering photos). I will post some photos now and tomorrow, the video will come on Sunday.

Classification for stage 2:

1-Renault Alpine A110, class 2, Devious Dave
2-Lancia Delta S4, class 3, OTFS
3-Toyota Celica, class 3, rallyp
4-Lancia037, class 3, Zero5
5-Porsche 959, class 3, Gazza
6-Ferrari 288, class 3, Reek
7-Fiat 131, class 2, OTFS
8-Fiat 131, class 2, Yngwie
9-Toyota Celica, class 3, BenM
10-Lancia037, class 3, 356Speedster

Class 1:

1-Renault 8, Wolves
2-Lancia Stratos, Kidvoltage
3-Mini Cooper, 356Speedster

Class 2:

1-Renault Alpine A110, DeviousDave
2-Fiat 131, OTFS
3-Fiat 131, Yngwie

Class 3:

1-Lancia Delta S4, OTFS
2-Toyota Celica, rallyp
3-Lancia037, Zero5


The winner of stage 2, Renault Alpine A11, Devious Dave

2nd place, Lancia Delta S4, OTFS

3nd place, Toyota Celica, rallyp

4th place, Lancia 037, Zero5

5th place, Porsche 959, Gazza

6th place, Ferrari 288, Reek

7th place. Fiat 131, OTFS

8th place, Fiat 131, Yngwie

9th place, Toyota Celica, BenM

10th place, Lancia 037, 356Speedster

Now the first 3 from class 1, Renault 8, Wolves, Lancia Stratos, Kidvoltage and Mini Cooper, 356Speedster


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Thanks for a great round Bruno. I was very happy to get some great results and to see my cars on your fabulous tracks. I'm sure you have inspired many a track build. Hopefully in a few more countries that will give the next proxy a wider berth.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to the extra pics and the video

There are some great cars in the top half of the field (both outright and class) and to be in that group at this stage it is any ones game. Of course the real money comes from the class positions.

Congratulations to all the podiumites and ALL entries for a very interesting round.

For those who would like to see their ranking in stage two . .

Final Classification (as posted by rallyp) Class - colour coded

Series points as I see them - have added the positional change since round 1

When Bruno has blown the Safari dust off the cars they will be on their way across the water to the UK for two rounds at the Rally of Great Britain due sometime this month, but with the French leg canceled I guess there is some breathing space unless Tore has a reserve.

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Thanks for hosting round 6

Great pictures of some stunning tracks

Hope you have enjoyed running your stages and we'll see them next year

UK rounds next at UK Slotcar Festival on 22 May

My 2 cars seamed to have average rally again
037, had great run on stage 2 but had already lost to much on the first
131, good run in stage 1 but bad stage 2, seems to be 1 of the slowest 131's competing


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QUOTE (zero5 @ 4 May 2011, 09:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>UK rounds next at UK Slotcar Festival on 22 May

I'll be out of web range that day - Bugger!

QUOTE (zero5 @ 4 May 2011, 09:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>131 - good run in stage 1 but bad stage 2, seems to be 1 of the slowest 131's competing

Just had a looked at my notes from my round and felt that it (#205 car)would improve as the series went on. Don't give up hope yet. The 131 #55 car (Yngwie) was underpowered here in Australia but won at Luff's round and now making a nuisance of itself to the front runners
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