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What a great nights racing with the first running of the SCX classic rally, with some extremely close racing throughout the field.

There was a good mix of cars, Seat 131, Alpine, 3 escorts BA dirty and clean, a Renault 5 turbo all of which were extremely similar in performance, at present the Escorts may just have the edge, but there was really very little in it, even the top heavy Renault 5 went well.

Rob took some photo's unfortunately my Email server seemed to scramble them!

Anyway the results are on the web site, but well done to Graham on his first club win who just beat Robin and Kevin.

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QUOTE (AndySlots @ 14 Jul 2011, 21:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well done Graham.

But Robins car had BLUE wheels!!!!!

Possibly one of the best nights racing.


Ha ha ha... Get over the blue wheels Andy. FGS put the damn car down and get over the wheels ! ! ! !

What a GREAT night's racing and congrats to Graham.

Onto next Tuesday then and it's Classic F1 on the rally circuit
...Should be fun!!!
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