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For those that are interested, the SCX Digital system is now on general sale in the UK - we received our first delivery this morning.

Items available include the 3 car DTM set, 3 additional DTM cars and various track items. Everthing needed for a full 6 car system is available.

A few items are still outstanding (no release date at present), including the 2 car Rally set, additional Rally cars and a few track items.

What are peoples views on the SCX Digital system?

Not interested?
Going to have a look?
Too expensive?
Rushing out to buy one?

In case anyone needs a reminder of the SCX Digital products, click here to see the full range on our website.

Slot City.

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For me it`s too expensive and I don`t like the LC sections as they are too short and severe leading to far too many crashes. I`ve had a go on two different occasions and was unimpressed with the power supply, the delay in changing lanes and the state of the cars after a few too many crashes. Not for me, I`m keeping an eye on the Scaley and Ninco versions.

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Not Interested at the moment Jon, but I'm keen to watch developments like Jonny.

I think the whole digital thing is going to be a problem until one system becomes the "peoples choice". Still not convinced it is necessary.



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Beautifully designed site at Slot City - well done, Jon!

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the general criticisms of the SCX digital product.
I am very fond of SCX and sincerely admire their ingenuity and drive in getting this system working and onto the shelves WAY before anyone else. But the prices really are too high, and by quite a margin. Even the plain straight track sections cost around 50% more than the Scalextric equivalent and I can't see any justification or business sense in that policy - unless the new track is significantly better than other makes.
Maybe it is?

I believe that the SCX system is doomed to expensive failure and that is a real shame.
I hope they can survive it.
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