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SCX Digital Track for Slot Car Festival

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Thought I'd share our track we are taking to Slot Car Festival at Gaydon 22nd May.

This year we thought we would build tracks that you could have at home, so sorry guys no huge digital track like Brooklands.

We will be running three vehicles on the track at a time due to the smaller layout.

We have tried to put as many accessories into the layout as possible to show off product.

As people who have seen us at the events last year we build our tracks for all to come and play ! we love to see people having fun on all of our tracks.

So when we had finished the layout I thought how can we make it even more fun ?

Well how about SCX Digital Transit Van Racing !

So there will be 3 Tranit Vans Racing around our track at once !

I will post the other vans when Rich from Battlezone has finished with them in the spray booth

So guys what you think ?
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QUOTE (mudchukka @ 17 May 2011, 17:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Check the Track piece out !

QUOTE (corvette @ 18 May 2011, 02:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just a guess but looks like a conversion piece to enable a digital start track to be used for an analogue controller?

With that piece will you be able to run analog cars on SCX digital as long as there is no single lane section (i.e. chicane, sliding curve)?
How do you power it? Is there a place to plug a transformer on the other side, or can you use an SCXD control unit and transformer?
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