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I have purchased both sets and here is how I think they stack up.
Crossovers -
I really like the SCX Digital double crossovers because you don't have to think about what lane you are in like the PRO-X single crossover. With the SCX digital if you are at a lane change you press the button to change lanes. Very simple and effective. With PRO-X it isn't just a matter of pressing the button, you also have to be at the correct crossover to change to the other lane. This is something I can get used to over time. Note: Carerra is releasing a double crossover sometime this year. SCX crossovers still provide power to the car so there aren't any dead spots on the track. Carrera has dead spots but they aren't noticeable while racing. Only if your car happens to stop right at the dead spot. It would be very hard to stop on the dead spots especially if you place your changeover tracks on the fast parts of the race track.
Track surface -
SCX Digital track is a lot like Ninco slot car track. The track pieces connect together similar to Sport track, very easy to assemble and disassemble. The SCX track surface is rough but provides a lot of traction even when driving the cars without magnets. The downside is the cars don't roll as good as on the Carrera PRO-X track. The track surface of Carrera is smoother and nearly seamless, but the track assembly is more time consuming then SCX due to the clips used to keep the track pieces together. The Carrera bank turns are really impressive and fun to drive on.

I will add more as time allows.

Best regards,
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