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Good grief.

As in any industry all the manufacturers copy each other's ideas. I believe that Hornby were first to bring out x-overs on a curve (pre-digital I mean) and sure enough sometime later SCX brought out their version. SCX made a mark with their 4WD rally cars... and this year Hornby brought out their first 4WD rally car... etc. etc. ad nauseum.

In digital its clear that SCX have been the pioneers. They were first to market and are clearly responsible for all the other manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon lest they get left behind. They're the first (and only) manufacturer to use a grey track surface which looks superb. Ninco have been very innovative with their RAID and pro-shock line but really missed the ball on digital.

Of all the manufacturers Carerra is the least interesting to me, but if NASCAR is your thing they are probably the best for you, I understand you like big banked ovals. Of course I am biased beacause I am a rally fan. Perhaps Carerra should copy SCX and start making some rally cars...

BTW Knapp, you should post a pic of your SCX setup because it looks fantastic.
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