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SCX go ChampCar too

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Saw this over at

Can only wonder why they chose to join/challenge Nincoand bring out a series of ChampsCars. No doubt the licenses are cheaper than F1 and many Spanish-speaking drivers are involved, but still, why?

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Good points. It will be interesting to see what RRP is on these ? Anyone know?
Thanks peter. I reckon I`ll pass on those then. I generaly like this make of F1 style cars but not at all attracted to this series.
Cheers Sean
I`m always prone to changing my mind and having slept on it reckon we may well use these as an addition to our F1 class, which next year (for a challenge) is going to be SCX only types, non mag but with a pro Turbo Plus motor fitted. Stand by to be `Richied` Sean
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Some variation in liveries on the grid can only be good. I think these have the potential for conversion too so overall could be a good thing?
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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