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SCX goes under and it doesnt make the "News"

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SCX have gone under after 9 months of slow death, and it doesnt rate as news in the "News" section of this forum? How does that work?

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I posted my initial thoughts on the other thread, so I won't dulpicate them here. There has been a lot of speculation about SCX/Tecnitoys in the year since I came back to slots, and it must have been going on for longer than that. Having had another few days to ponder on the situation, here is another 2p-worth from me.

I didn't know that SCX existed before I joined SlotForum, but I must have bought getting-on for 30 of their cars and a Rally Chrono in the past year. The majority of my car collection is SCX. I have to say that, for me, Tecnitoys have made the best selection of slot rally cars. I will be disappointed if the prospective buyer of Tecnitoys doesn't continue the SCX brand and continue to supply us with good quality rally cars.

At the end of the day, in the absence of a definitive statement from either Tecnitoys or the prospective buyer (who's name I can't remember), we can only wait and hope. The fact that Tecnitoys have announced new releases for 2012 does, to me, make it seem like they are keen to sell the brand as a going concern.

I don't know how much Technitoys's legal wrangle with the Red Bull people cost, but I don't suppose it can have helped the situation. Also, the investment in digital doesn't seem to have been anything like a success for Tecnitoys, either. I read somewhere in the last few days that maybe there's a case for different manufacturers standardizing digital technology - I have to agree with this. The manufacturers need to accept that serious buyers/hobbyers(?) will always want to mix'n'match their collection of cars, even if they stick to one make of track.

My final thought........ Should the worst happen and SCX/Tecnitoys ceases to exist, I hope that Ninco can somehow fill the void. They are the only other brand that I've found so far who do rally cars properly. Hornby really nead to learn lessons from these two.

..... And, just in case, I've started stock-piling motors and cheap cars to rob for spares.
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