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QUOTE Actually somebody posted a newspaper or Press release here somewhere that I read several days ago, and I first started hearing about their demise at least a month ago. I have also seem evidence of it at my local hobby shop, Stacks of NASCAR sets at fire sale prices. Last time I was in there they had at least 8 unopened cartons of SCX sets all priced @ 1/2 of retail!

If I were you I'd buy some, all of them, at half price you can't lose. Even if the rumor is found untrue. You could still sell on eBay, or here, and make a tidy profit, either way the wind blows.

Not to further the rumor mill. Other slot manufactures have been a little slow getting their cars out. I don't follow the ins and outs of slot producers. Still, I see ads for new 1/32 slot cars, then sellers post delays on their web sites . . .

That said, if SCX indeed has a good base of customers, and surely some slot types like them. There may be yet a place at the table for them, this assumes they're gone.

The bigger whine for SCX, is that they are beyond being boutique producer . . .

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