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Actually somebody posted a newspaper or Press release here somewhere that I read several days ago, and I first started hearing about their demise at least a month ago. I have also seem evidence of it at my local hobby shop, Stacks of NASCAR sets at fire sale prices. Last time I was in there they had at least 8 unopened cartons of SCX sets all priced @ 1/2 of retail!

Something is definately up there, whether they will emerge and in what form sounds like it changes from day to day, but I liken it to when Fly reorganized, one day they were gone and the next they were back.

I am sure the details will rise from the ashes if the company doesn't, I too would miss SCX, many of the cars I have bought over the last few years have been SCX, I REALLY liked their MGA! a VERY Pretty car!

I am a BIG fan of their Compact line as well, which is one of the few quality offerings in 1/43 so I will be VERY sad to see them go if indeed they disappear.
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