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Can anybody give a quick history as to how SCX came into being and their relationship with Matchbox. The reason I ask is that I understand SCX are marketed as Scalextric in Spain, however I have seen older SCX branding with Matchbox included. Matchbox is owned by Matel and Scalextric by Hornby. Guess this must all be a territory licensing thing? Any input? Thanks.

Russell Sheldon
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Hi, here's the history, as I have it:-

Minimodels purchased by Lines Bros (Triang).

Factories opened in France and Spain, at first only assembling imported parts.

The Spanish factory, run by the EXIN concern in Barcelona, gradually introduces it's own tooling.

Exin starts to design and make it's own range of cars, the first being the C31 Seat 600.

Many more cars are introduced and most are imported back to the UK as bare bodies, where UK running gear is fitted.

Triang purchased by Dunbee-Combex-Marx group and production moved to Margate, Kent. All overseas factories cease to be owned by the UK company, although they still bring in cars and components from Exin in Spain.

Exin start to market their range of cars as SCX outside of Spain but are still sold as Scalextric within it's home market.

All UK ties with Exin are dropped, although many of the Spanish sourced cars are shown in the catalogues for several more years.

Exin are taken over by the Tyco corporation, production is moved to China. Tyco bought Matchbox in 1992.

Mattel Toys, the world's largest toy company, buys out Tyco Toys for $755 million.

Tyco lose interest in the slot car market and Technitoys of Barcelona take over production and continue to market cars as Scalextric in Spain and as SCX in the rest of the world.

Kind regards


Jim Moyes
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As I understand it Tyco used the Matchbox brand on their SCX cars to give some customer "recognition" to their products, particularly in the UK.

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