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Oh dear oh dear oh dear, what an almighty shame that both models pictured look more like the old fashioned push and go models of years gone by. I think they look dreadful. Biggest calamity is that they seem to have been looking at mirror image drawings and produced them both in left hand drive, WHY??? MBL 867 adorned a couple of MGA's but never a left hooker. Hence the wipers face the wrong way, no over riders, huge looking rear lamps and as for the colour version of Old English White it appears more like cream that has gone off. Even the windscreen seems to be flat rather than the gentle curve it should have. While on a winge, why do manufacturers keep on producing competition cars with chrome wire wheels, chroming actually weakens them and to the best of my knowledge are not be allowed.
Think I'll stick to the excellent versions produced by Lindberg, thankfully I've still got a few left.

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