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QUOTE (Gysse @ 14 Aug 2011, 21:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I bought the 7 cheap scx nascar's, for my APB digital layout. Tried them out analogue to test if they were ok, before adding SSD-chips. Compared to my scalextric nascar's they were slow !
I Soldered in the SSD chips and the cars are still slow ! Only one place in my layout where it doesnt pass throgh with full speed !

Is it because there isnt volt/amp's enough on an ssd layout for SCX motors ? ( i got two standard scalextric powersupplys )

I tried removing the magnet on one of the cars, and it didnt change much, except for a little more sliding.

Any suggestions to what I can do to make these cars go as good as my scalextric nascars ?

Best regards

Ivan K

Swap the 9T pinion for a 10T pinion and it will be more than a match for the Scaly NASCAR.

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