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The Red Bull Citroen DS was driven by the French driver Sebastian Loeb who won the 31st edition of the Argentinian Rally in 2011.

Ref: A10066X300
February 2012

Wheelbase: 80 mm
Transmission type: 4×4 double pinion
Car lenght: 120 mm
Transmission ratio: 9/27=3
Rear/Front Wheel track: 47 mm
Rear/Front tire diameter: 18.3 mm
Guide type: Classic pivoting ARS
Screws: 5 (2+2+1)

Motor: RX-81 B 19,000 rev.
Transmission type: Rear 4 x 4
Body shell weight: 29.8 gr.
Car weight:87.8 gr.

Renault 8 TS Gordini that race the Rally Talavera in 1975 and was driven by Ignacio "Chichi" Rueda and Jose Manuel Ezquerro.

February 2012

Wheelbase: 71 mm
Transmission type: 2×4 direct rear
Car length: 82 mm
Transmission ratio: 9/27=3 rear
Axle dimension track: 43.5 mm
Rear tire diameter: 18 mm
Guide type: Pivoting ARS 2007 flat blades
Screws: 4 (1 +2+1)

Traction: 2×4 direct rear
Car weight: 71 g

French classic car: the Citroën 2 CV. This grey decorated car was featuring two engines (in the front and rear part of the car) to generate enough power to run in 4X4 tracks. This SCX car has the long retracting arm as in all the other Off Road cars, this to emphasize the 4x4 wheel drive.

February 2012

Wheelbase: 75 mm
Transmission type: 4×4 rear
Car length: 119,9 mm
Transmission ratio: 4×4 rear
Axle dimension track: 45 mm
Rear tire diameter: 20,4 mm
Guide type: Off Road
Screws: 3 (2+1)

Motor: RK-11.1
Traction: 4×4
Car weight: 77,7 g
Body car Weight: 21,5 g
Digitalizable: No


Jim Moyes
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Great to see the DS still has an RX motor!

And that Renault livery is the best yet!

Jon Grainger
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Hi Mudchukka

Missed out on the Fiesta, so scouring eBay for that one! The DS3 looks cracking, should make a great rally pair.

I recently purchased the 2008 Danni Sordo Citroen C4, and the wheels are very small in the arches, they look as though they could do with being another 2/3mm bigger in diameter. Has this been rectified with the DS3?


David J
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Ds3 looks nice but is spoiled by the Argentinian flag on the roof, not because it's Argentinian but because it doesn't really go with the rest of the livery. I know it represents an actual car, I just don't like it. Which version of the car will Scaley do?

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I'll be getting a DS3, along with the previously released Fiesta. I hope that now the BMW/Prodrive situation is resloved that SCX do at least one Mini to go with them. I really don't want to buy a Scalextric Mini WRC, I want to keep my WRCs SCX/Ninco if I can. Scalextric cars don't run well on my rally track.

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QUOTE (DJ @ 11 Feb 2012, 06:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks Toni, will have to see which livery Carrera do, I've seen the Carrera go version and that looks better.

It look that Carrera will make the Ciroen DS3 WRC Van Merksteijn version.

I believe that a livery like this:

Also take a look at the page here in Slotforum about the Carrera's presentaion at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. There is a Rally Evolution Track Set with the Citroen DS3 of Loeb, the roof is without the Argetinean flag.

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