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Ref :A10048X300 - Analogue
Ref: D10048X300 - SCX Digital

Another great reproduction of this HEMI 'Cuda in a simple but nice decoration in black, blue and white colours. This classic/vintage Cuda car, with its V8 powerful motor engine, was driven the French driver Christophe Schwartz, by the MOPAR team, with the number 04 in the Classic Racing League 2010.

Wheelbase: 89mm
Transmission type: 4×2 direct rear
Distance: 151mm
Transmission ratio: 9/27
Wheel track: 60mm
Guide type:Classic pivoting ARS
Rear tire diameter: 21mm
Screws: 3 (2+1)

Motor: RX42B
Traction: Rear
Car weight: 91g
Bodyshell weight: 26g

Available in June 2011.
Info and photos from SCX/Tecnitoys

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that driver gets around doesn't he

nice livery - like the yellow one better....

these are well made cars


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Hi, haven't heard anything more about this 04 CUDA, is this car in production. If not when, or is it somebodies pipe dream. has anybody seen this slotcar in a store or have one of their own yet. Thanks in advance to all or any who can answer these questions, Robert V.
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