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SCX Opel Astra coupe vs Scaly Dallara Indy

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I've these two cars in subject line and want to know
why I get faster laps with the Opel?

Round my track I can do laps in 4.0 seconds in the
Opel, but the fastest I can manage in the Dallara
is 4.5 seconds.

I would have thought it would be the other way round.
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Unfortunatly most slot cars of the same make , have the same motor
meaning the only thing that alters performance are height (for COG) ,
width , tyre size etc. and at times when you mix & match makes
(who all use different motors) these things happen !

If you want to make things more realistic again in the Dallara drop in a
motor and a progressive motor (total cost bout £15) and things will
be like they should !

The mods are real easy , both are direct replacements - it will take longer to
unscrew & screw the thing back together than change the bits.

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They just jealous at your slot car prowess !

I wish at my local club there was a way to turn down other peoples lanes/turn
mine up !

Its Porsche cup night , and my car has not been right since shredding a pinion
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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