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Just to let everyone know that a group of us here in Oz are looking at continuing on with the proxy while Tore has a break.

So we are looking for expressions of interest for both competitors and tracks.

We have the standard three here in Australia so another 8 or 9 (old or new) world wide would be great.

Looking at kicking off March /April next year.

We're also only thinking of running one class, with minimal mods, mainly to minimise class confusion, cut down costs and to try and make it closer racing.

The class we are thinking on is SCX WRC rally cars from 1999 - 2010, no pro cars or motors, and only cars that run the standard RX-81 motor

There's 8 or 9 different makes to choose from, with about 30+ different models and liveries, so dig them out of the cupboard or start searching ebay.

Fantasy or obscure rally liveries are encouraged.

More info to follow .......

Lars Ole
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Cool, I would like to host again, PM me if interested. ( Can do a bit of graphics, as well)
Would be nice with another class, of more modern cars.
Or a anything goes as long as it's SCX. ;-)

Hats off to the effort.

One petunia in a field of onions
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As Gazza knows, there's already more than a few of the down under crowd interested. Hopefully there's enough internationals looking to give Gazza and his team of experts (and we novices) a run for their money.


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HI Gazza,

I've not been involved before, but would like to be, I know that a number of the other guys at Wolves have been. I'll mention it to them over the weekend, as I don't think they frequent the forum too often.


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Those tracks look great Alex, the circus hasn't been to Greece yet so hope we can use all of them.

QUOTE hey can you make it too 2011 so i can use the new feasta? i wouldnt mind entering

Jr ..... we'll be running the standard RX-81 motor in all cars to try and keep the field together and closer

QUOTE I'll enter, 2 cars at least.

Only one per customer, thanks Leo, unless the second is for spares

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2012 Series
SCX Proxy WRC: Rules

The 2012 Series SCX Proxy World Rally Championship (2012 SCX PWRC) is a slotcar proxy event for WRC cars that has run through the years 1999 to 2010.

The entered slot cars will be shipped out to a wide variety of rally inspired slot car tracks likely to be located in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia where they will compete against each other. Ideally Events will be scheduled every 2nd week/end. A detailed scheduled will be published once finalised . Race reports will be published firstly in the forum section of then and / or

Entrant's cars shall comply with the following rules and the onus is on the entrant to ensure that their car complies with these rules before posting/shipping car.


2012 SCX PWRC is not an official racing series organized by SCX /Tecnitoys, but is a private non-profit initiative organized by a committee of slot car enthusiasts. SCX/Tecnitoys is supporting the series.

This series will consist of only one class:
See the eligible car list and class-specific rules below for more information.


Registration/expression of interest: 5th February 2012
Entry fee: 19th February 2012
Ship-out date (no later than): 2nd March 2012 (Air mail postage date)
Receiving date for 1st event: 20th March 2012

Entrants are encouraged to read all the posts on this thread in the following forums


1.You will find the full list of eligible cars in section # 7 of these rules.

2.Only 1 car is permissible per entrant

3.To cover the cost of running the series we are dependent on a entry fee for each car. The entry fee is AU $26 per car (payment through PayPal).
After allowing for all postage costs including:
◦between International rally tracks
◦return of each car to its respective entrant and
◦distribution of prizes, any remaining entry fee money will be added to the prize pool.
4. By paying the entry fee your entry is confirmed.
5. Be sure to read all rules before making payment and posting car to be aware of any rule updates. All updates will be dated above the posting of these rules with date of amendment.

To register:
Reply in this thread to pre-register/express interest by stating the following on one of the forums listed below: , or
(Please only register through one forum to avoid confusion).

Your Forum name / Car name (if known at time of registration) / Desired Car # / Your country

Payment info:

1.Payment will be by Paypal: AU $26 (Australian Dollars) per car

2.The PayPal address will be PM'd to each entry on the 1st February 2012 unless requested earlier. Please use the "personal payments" option and click "shared expenses".

3.Include your pre-registered forum name in the message field.

4.If you have further questions or need help with the payment, please contact the organizers.

1.Cars post stamped later than 2nd March 2012 will not receive any points during the first event.

2.Cars that arrive late due to postal issues will be forwarded to the next appropriate event and rewarded points as if it had finished last place (overall) in the previous events.

3.Do not ship car (or spare parts) in original crystal case. If you do so, do not expect the case and spares to be returned. See rule # 7.VII.k

4.Pack the car in a bubble wrap cocoon and send it in a small compact box.

You must attach an export declaration sticker (your post office has them) on the package. The declaration should be marked with:
1.Content: Used toy car
2.Goods type: Gift.
3.Goods value: 10 (Euro, Dollar or Pound)

Entrants that fail to attach the export declaration or mark it as above risk to be billed an import duty + a handling charge. If you have further questions or need help with the shipping, please contact the organizers.

Shipping address:

SCX Proxy
c/- PO Box 190
Padstow 2211 Australia

Disclaimer: International mail sometimes gets lost. In such event the proxy organizers will try to help recover the package, but the risk remains with the entrant. The proxy organizers will not take on any economical responsibility for lost packages.


In short, rallying is a time trial sport where the cars race against the clock while completing defined stages (routes). A rally event consists of several different stages, often on various surfaces (tarmac, dirt, gravel, ice, snow, etc..), and the car that completes all the stages in the least amount of time is the winner of the rally

In our slot car series the track hosts will arrange the events in a similar style as in real rallying. The hosts are free to decide how they want to present their rally event and organise it, as long as they follow these basic guidelines:
1.Each rally event is divided into 3 stages. Each stage is a single race (stint) within the event.

2.Ensure timing system delivers to 1/100 sec accuracy. Eg: Race Co-ordinator

3.Each stage (stint) has a set amount of laps (distance).

4.All cars in each stage are driven by the same driver who is suitably experienced on the event track.

5.When possible each stage to be completed on the same day.

6.Sufficient track marshals to ensure deslotted cars are rectified (ideally) within 2 - 3 seconds.

7.After each stage the cars are ranked by time used to complete the stage. The 3 fastest cars in each class receive stage points.

8.The times from all 3 stages are added up to make the event time which rank the cars to receive time points.

9.Time points + stage points = event points which gives the final ranking and determines the winners of the rally event

The following Time Points have been calculated with the assumption of 30 cars being entered in the series.
This list will be updated after all entry fees have been paid to reflect the total cars entered

In addition to follow the format guidelines, the hosts must follow the service & repair rules (see below), record timing with 1/100 sec accuracy, cooperate with the official (2012 SCX PWRC) Scorekeeper, participate actively in the event threads on the forums, supply "car feedback" to the entrants, publish pictures/media from the event, and cooperate with the organisers to get the cars shipped to the next event in time (shipping costs are refunded through PayPal).

1.Before the first event all competing cars will go through a technical inspection to check if they are in compliance with the rules.

2.The technical inspector will decided if a car can be modified to pass the inspection, or disqualified and returned to the owner.

3.The entry fee for disqualified cars will not be refunded, but instead used to cover the shipping cost.

4.We suggest cars are posted well before the deadline date to allow time for any modifications / replacements if required.


A quick running inspection of the cars is done before each event start.

Service = braid adjustment, tire cleaning and lubing.
Repairs = everything else.
1.Service is allowed between stages.
2.Repairs must be finished prior to the start of the first stage.
3.Repairs are not allowed between stages.
4.Repairs are allowed during a stage (while the timer is running).

Cars that require an unreasonable amount of repairs during stage time (running timer) will be disqualified and receive a DNF (Did Not Finish). DNF cars are disqualified for the whole event and will not receive any event points. The track host will have to judge when to call for DNF, but a pointer is to consider a DNF when the repair takes more than 2 x the average stage time, or the repair seems unlikely to make the car able to complete the rest of the stages in the event.

The entrant is responsible for arranging repairs and supplying the host with required parts in good time before the event start (minimum 3 days in advance).

7. General car rules

Car requirements

1.Only SCX cars on the eligible car list are permitted.

2.Only "analogue" cars are permitted.

3.No traction magnets are permitted.

4.The car must be registered and race number obtained at entry. One car per selected racing number. Cars entered with wrong or duplicate numbers will be marked with correct racing number stickers at tech inspection.


1.Only original body / chassis configurations are permitted.

2.Edges may be lightly sanded or trimmed.

3.Body mounting holes may be slightly opened.

4.Balancing weights may be placed inside the chassis. Lead weights must be painted.

5.Chassis must have sufficient ride height to avoid bottoming out on bumpy rally tracks. The car may be disqualified (DNS) if track host judges it to be a hazard to his track. DNS cars receive no event points from the event it has been disqualified from.

6.Entrant's name must be written on underside of chassis in paint, silver Sharpie, or engraved.

7.Body screw adjustment information on car underside is encouraged.

8.Stoppers inside the body may be trimmed.

9.Electrical connectors between the motor and the pickup rails in the chassis (chicken legs) may be soldered or replaced with wires.

Gears and axles (drive train)

Gears and axles must stay original SCX .... 9/27, and run in original 4wd configuration

Motors (SCX RX-81 only)
1.Motor may be fastened in place using screws, glue or tape.

2.Bushings may be glued

3.Shims/spacers are allowed on the axles

4.Only SCX/Tecnitoys RX-81 motors can be used. Motors must be stock, as manufactured. No changes or modifications to motor are permitted aside from removal of capacitors, chokes, or resistors external to the motor. No capacitors or other electrical devices may be fitted to motor circuit, except for as manufactured suppressor and lighting device.

Guide system
1.Adjust spring tension - allowed.

2.Limit vertical movement with glue or shim/O-ring - allowed

3.Only SCX standard or SCX PRO braids may be used

Body & interior

1.Body must be mounted with body screws and be easily removable. Tape or tacky clay may be used to keep loosened body screws in place.

2.Light sanding/trimming of the inner wheel arches is allowed, but the body must look original on the outside.

3.Trimming mounting posts to adjust ride height is permitted.

4.Light sanding/rounding off edges on the interior tray is permitted.

5.Antenna and mirrors may be removed.

6.Lights and parts in the light system may be disconnected and removed, but outer lenses must remain original, or replaced with something that looks like a lens.

7.Electrical connectors between body and chassis may be replaced with wires (require soldering).

8.Interior must remain as original but can be repainted. Must include a navigator

9.Re- painting of the body is allowed. Fantasy or obscure rally liveries are encouraged.

1.Wheels (tire/rim) may be sanded true.

2.Tyre wall may be rounded off slightly (profiled).

3.Only SCX rubber tyres are allowed, Tyres must have SCX letters on the sidewall.

4.Tyre may project beyond body work no more than 1 mm, as viewed from above, at maximum side travel of wheels.

5.Clear finish may be applied to front tyre tread area.

6.Being 4WD cars - all four tires must touch the track.

7.One set of spare rear tyres can follow the car in a small zip-lock bag marked with the car number. Tyre replacement is treated as a repair under the service & repair rules. From our experience, new or near new SCX tyres will last the distance and spares are unlikely to be needed.

Eligible car list

Please note: Organisers have not viewed all cars released by SCX/Tecnitoys. The onus is on the entrant to ensure the car is a 4WD with a SCX/Tecnitoys RX-81

* Cars may have run earlier years but the SCX cars must be from 1999 to 2010
The Skoda Fabia and the Suzuki have been deleted from the original list
as they didn't run the RX-81 motor.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made by this proxy event organisers to cover all aspects of the rules to ensure it will be a fair and even outcome, it is likely there will be some amendments / clarifications to the above rules prior to the 2nd March 2012 deadline. The proxy organizers will not take on any economical responsibility for lost packages or damage to the entrants property. The risk remains with the entrant.

One petunia in a field of onions
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C'mon lads. We need a few more interested parties from the rest of the world. Otherwise this risks becoming little more than an Aussie World Tour (Contiki or otherwise).

Dave Capelen
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Hi folks

Please put me down for an entry, not sure what car as yet.

We might be able to host a round in the Isle of Man - I'll have a word with our club members this week about hosting and entering cars.

We are already hosting a round of the GB Slot Rally Championship (21/22 April 2012), so we should have several possible tracks available.

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