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just a quick post to let the members know we are checking motor codes and matching rpm to them we will have a list ready for this fridays ( 15th ) 1st round. any information will be greatfully recived on this matter as we wish to bring in eqaulity to keep the racing close .....jimbo

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SCX RX Vintage (open frame, single magnet) tested 19,509 RPM/12v

SCX RX-41 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 14,378 RPM/12v

SCX F1 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 13,500-15,390 RPM/12v, tested 77 gcm/12v,

SCX RX-42 16,400 RPM/12v; tested 14,971-15,400 RPM/12v

SCX RX-81B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 17,184 RPM/12v

SCX RX-42B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,081 RPM/12v, tested 97 gcm/12v,

SCX RX-41B 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,256 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Turbo 18,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,100 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Turbo Plus 19,000 RPM/12v; tested 20,340 RPM/12v

SCX RX-62C 19,000 RPM/12v; tested 18,540-20,622 RPM/12v

SCX RX-91; tested 20,533 RPM/12v

SCX Pro Speed Double Rally 19,100 RPM/12v
135 gcm/12v

SCX Pro Speed 19,600 RPM/12v; tested 18,800-20,750 RPM/12v
140 gcm/12v; tested 123 gcm/12v

SCX Pro Speed RX-4H 25,000 RPM/12v; pre-production motors tested 25,546-26,397 RPM/12v, tested 152 gcm/12v

RX-42E Club Porsche same as Pro Speed

In general, SCX uses this system of "official" ratings, at 12 volts:
Motors with no number or an "A" at the end are rated at 16,400 rpm. (Like the RX-41, RX-42, RX-62 etc.)
Motors with a "B" are rated at 18,000 rpm. (Like the RX-42B)
Motors with a "C" are rated at 19,000 rpm. (Like the RX-62C)
Motors with a "D" are rated at 19,000 rpm. (Including the Pro Turbo Plus, and RX-81D which is also called the Pro Turbo 4x4).

From a chap called robert livingston writing on SCI magazine
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