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SCX red Seat Cupra GT

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How does it compare to the SCX Dome Judd Le Mans speed wise?
Any thoughts, tune ups needs or suggestions?
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dome judd has rxc62 motor. same as the pro-turbo that scx sell except longer shaft. believe the seat has rx41 motor. similar to nc1 for revs. pro-turbo is similar to std scalex motor for revs.

on 65 ft sport track, 13.8 volts of high amperage power, dome judd with the magnet turned down 2.5 turns from the stops will run with scalx mg, fly lola b98, other fast out of box cars. all scx motors can benefit from prolonged break in period. two different dome judd motors running at 9 volts repeatedly stopped and restarted for approx an hour before smoothing out. now they are great. two others subjected to same treatment got so hot the plastic end plate melted. it was exciting watching all the smoke.

an advantage these cars have: when they slide it usually is controllable. unlike the previously mentioned out of box cars.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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