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Ho Roadkill

Go timing!

I tested the Lancia last night for my NSCC February review - first impressions - excellent!

Really smooth.

Here are some quick test data from the Kelvin Light road test at Bowlextric.

All at 12V on the rolling road:

RX91 5430 rpm
RX81 4500 rpm
Pro turbo (4x4) 5500 rpm
Old RX4 4740 rpm
RX41 4800

As far as i know (may find out at the toy fair) no plans for a Pro Turbo RX91.

To put it into context my Citroen Xsara with a Pro Turbo and Pro tyres was half a second down on the Lancia vertually straight out of the box! (wood track non mag).

On the Ninco track at the Slot 32 rally (with mag) it wouldn't come off.

Just need somthing to race against! (won't go in WRC at our club!).

Best release for a while and i didn't get a decent car sent from Spain, i've tried three so far and they all seem excellent.

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