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Not had much success trying to thin out my collection on SlotForum and usually anything I have to sell seems to end up on that well-known auction site and eventually gets sold. But I think as a fellow slot person rather than trader I should at least start here. Anyway, to the current sale ..............

For 60 quid (in Europe) or 70 quid (ROW) which includes postage (and it will be sent by recorded delivery, well-packed etc etc) I am offering the following:

Font Auto part Motor vehicle Bicycle part Toy

MIB Seat Leon WTCC 'Monteiro' (6274)
MIB Seat Leon WTCC ''Tarquini' (6354) This is Ltd Ed number 1241. (But aren't they all nowadays!)

2 Seat Leon chassis (brand spanking new, complete with motors)

6 packs - JPSlot braids (50cm each, 2 soft, 2 medium, 2 hard)

1 tube - JPSlot Paraffin Lubricant

PM if interested, PayPal for payment.
If nobody is interested after a week or so, the whole lot will go to the aforementioned auction site.

Cheers and thanks for looking


For all the Seat fans out there I can also include this Ibiza (Altaya SEAT SPORT Collection) for a massive 15 quid on top of above price!!
So if you want the lot it's 75 quid (Europe) or 85 quid (ROW)
Tire Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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