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SCX spares wanted

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I know they are diffcult to find but maybe one of the forum's Spanish members can help since they have all been released in the past as Altaya issues.

Alpine A110 chassis and set of axles
Seat 1430 chassis and set of axles
Renault Megane chassis
Seat Cordoba chassis
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Alexis, Hi...
Highlander from SCXWW here, #88 Xsara [disaster] in WRCP....

Bit of an issue with your Megane request... first, I take it you mean Mk1 Megane, AKA MaxiMegane Rally Car. If so.... there are three different Chassis. The Costa Brava & Diac have one, The Yacco a differnet type [not sure on the Safari], all after, to my knowledge, have a more modern adjustable magnet/RX-41 motor set-up. I am pretty sure the screw numbers/positions are all different in these three different chassis..... sorry to be bearer of bad news. If you let me know which livery the megane is I may be able to help with the chassis layout... photo maybe.

ATB - Bob
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Just listed on ebay,

Item # 280941839171.

Does that look like the right chassis??? Bit pricey, but new and they always are out of Spain, needs must.....
There is a guy selling most of a Car too... looks like the glass is missing+ odd bits - search "Renault Megane" in Scalextric & Slotcar sub-category and turn on "International".

Now.... anyone have one of these that says "Sostoa Motor" on the side......??? 2003 Set car from "Circuito Copa Iniciacion"

ATB - Bob, #88 shoots up the order to garner 1 point eh.... not much luck this year. Glad to see your Octavia doing well Alexis, you built a gud'un.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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