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SCX Steering

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My dearly beloved SCX Volvo 850 was ambushed in the Goodwood Chicane by an idiot Fly Truck.
The steering arm snapped off the kingpin at one side.
I think it is too small to be glued.

Does anyone have any experience with fixing these things?
Can the parts be obtained separately?
Anyone any experience with beefing up the steering so it is less likely to happen?

I know my Volvo won't be everyone's favourite, but I really, REALLY like this car and similar models.
They drive realistically without behaving insanely and I very much want it operational again, just for my own pleasure!
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Interesting. I've just picked up a couple of spare SRS shells to play with, white 787B and the 850 in question, having totally trashed my original Volvo shell in a vain and poorly executed attempt to lower the ride height.

So I've been looking at that mechanism anew and remembering how fragile it could be. I thought I might try taking a heated screwdriver blade to the nipples.
but they don't appear that big, so the danger is I'll melt the whole affair (see above).
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QUOTE Do the SRS2 cars use different motors or something?

Oh, yes. Bigger do da's and more power therefore.
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