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scx trucks

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For a laugh after the main nascar event we decided to run the clubs scx trucks to see what there like . They were a whole lot of fun surprisingly evenly matched with only lane lengths making the difference. We purchased these trucks very late last year from Scalextric Paul ( thanks mate ) they had originally been set up reasonably well and used at another club . We reset them up fixed front axel small bit of lead deep guide now they race brilliantly. The racing was closer then ever with these trucks and very enjoyable . Andrew took pole position top five results.
1st jimbo
2nd Sam g
3rd neil
4th Andrew
5th kev
top junior reegan we will do something in the near distant future with these as they might be slow but they do put a smile on your face . Being different from anything else we race makes them interesting to watch also Anglia slot racing the home of slotty banter and scx racing trucks......
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Just out of interest I would like to know what club these trucks came from and who made them . There are six all together 1 white 1 red 1 yellow 1 blue 1 green 1 black . Someone took the time to repaint the cabs different colours but all chassis are white . The trucks are fitted with 80/90s type f1 wheels and tyres with Scalextric crown gears . Full credit to who built them originally and came up with the concept any information about them would be great thanks jimbo.....
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